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Art Nouveau Fierce Deity Art Nouveau Fierce Deity

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What's really more impressive than the attention to design/color scheme are the four bosses in each corner of the picture. They look like they've been done by someone completely different which is spectacular cause IMO, that's what an artist needs to be able to do: emulate other styles to the point that still retain they're creator's methods of representation. Your style is very unique and easily spotted as 'Sabatastic'.

No doubt you'll turn some heads at Animethon and make some peeps there super jelly.

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Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thanks man! What a nice review. :3

The reason that it's so inconsistent in style is because I worked on this in pieces. At the end, when all of the different images were finished, I pieced it all together. My crappy little laptop can't handle working with HI res / 300 dpi stuffs. :C

Pokemon Council Commission Pokemon Council Commission

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I hate to be that dick that points out flaws in extremely beautiful pieces of art like yours but I think Scizor's arms are messed up, there's no connecting forearm to the left claw. Also Accelgor doesn't have any gentleman attire on but that's understandable cause he doesn't have much of a body to give clothes to. Everything else from the lighting, background and height differential is superbly done. The little mess up is forgivable cause you did put half a year into this and mistakes are bond to be made. Looking forward to more commissions, great job.